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Organization of Wedding & Baptism Events
Oiagros - Ilias Omariadis - Teaching Traditional Dances - Acoustics - Event Lighting
- Theater Performances - Concerts - Traditional Costumes - Serres


Welcome to the "Oiagros" Cultural Activities Office, your professional partner for decorating and beautifying indoor and outdoor spaces for weddings and christenings in Serres. We gladly undertake to create for you a dreamlike atmosphere, adapted to your expectations and carefully curated in every detail.

  • The Art of Decoration: At the "Oiagros" Office, we understand how important the space is where important moments such as weddings and baptisms take place. Decorating is the art of creating the ideal atmosphere, and we are here to bring it to life.
  • Personalized Services: Every event is unique, and we treat yours as an opportunity to create something special. Working closely with you, we understand your preferences and style, creating a custom design that reflects your spirit and personality.
  • Expert Executive: Our team consists of experienced decorating experts who will work closely with you to create a space that will stand out. With sensitivity to the latest trends and a passion for creation, we are always available to guide and implement your ideas.

Choose the Office of Cultural Activities "Oiagros" for an unforgettable decoration and decoration experience that will make your event stand out.