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Sound & Event Lighting
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We are dedicated to creating a complete, quality and customized audio experience for any type of event.

Sound Coverage Services:
At the "Oiagros" Office, we provide comprehensive audio coverage services for any type of event. We undertake the design and implementation of sound equipment, ensuring that every sound is harmoniously integrated into your space. We select the appropriate equipment and adjust the sounds based on the character of the event, ensuring a full and crystal clear acoustic performance.

Cover Lighting Services:
At the "Oiagros" Office, we offer complete cover lighting services for any type of event. From the selection of the right equipment to the design of the lights and their placement, we ensure that every moment will be spectacularly lit.

Specialized Technicians:
Our expert technicians are at your disposal to meet every need and ensure that the sound coverage will be tailored exactly to your events. With a depth of knowledge and experience, they will work closely with you to understand your needs, offering solutions that will enhance sound quality and create the right atmosphere for your attendees.

If you are looking for specialized sound coverage services that will exceed your expectations, the "Oiagros" Cultural Activities Office is here to meet your every musical need. Contact us to design together the sound experience you dream of for your next event.