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Manufacture of Traditional Costumes and Jewelry
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Welcome to the "Manufacturing of Traditional Costumes and Jewelry" service of the "Oiagros" company, a Cultural Activities Office based in Serres. With over 10 years of experience in the field of costume, our company is dedicated to the manufacture of traditional costumes and jewelry with authenticity, detail and high quality materials.

  • Our Experience: With a rich history spanning over 10 years, our costume experts have acquired the necessary experience and expertise to create traditional costumes that reflect our rich cultural heritage.
  • The Making: We make traditional costumes with the utmost respect for authenticity and history. Our costumes faithfully replicate the standards of the originals, maintaining the detail and authentic feel. We use only the best materials, ensuring durability and comfort at the same time.
  • Traditional Jewelry: In addition to costumes, we also create traditional jewelry that completes the ensemble in a stylish and sophisticated manner. Our jewelery exudes tradition and reflects the diversity of our cultural heritage.
  • Our Dedication: We are dedicated to preserving and promoting our cultural heritage through the art of costume and jewellery. Each of our creations represents a part of our tradition and is designed with love and respect for our culture.

Choose the "Manufacturing of Traditional Costumes and Jewelry" service of the "Oiagros" company to experience the magic of tradition with elegance and quality. We are here to bring life to our tradition through our unique creations.