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Ilias Omeriadis
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of Ilias Omeriadis, Professor of Physical Education TEFAA A.P.Th

Ilias Omeriadis was born in the city of Serres on May 17, 1990 and grew up in the village of N. Skopos Serres where both his parents come from. From a very young age he was a dancer in many dance groups of Serres, giving dance performances all over Greece and abroad. At the age of 14 he began to deal professionally with traditional music playing the clarinet in various musical and dance events and in the following years he began to study the cavalli and the bagpipe. In 2008 he graduated from the GEL N. Skopou and was admitted 1st in ranking at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in the TEFAA Serres department. From there, he engaged in the study and teaching of Greek traditional dance, always with the support and guidance of his father and teacher at TEFAA, Alexandros Omeriadis. In 2013 he completed his studies at the TEFAA of Serres with a specialization in "Greek Traditional Dance".

  • Owned by the company "Oiagros" Office of Cultural Activities
  • Owner of Zero Music Studio Serres


  • Greek Dance Archive
  • International Folk Art Organization
  • Founding member of the Association of Professional Physical Education Teachers Specializing in Greek Traditional Dance and member of the board of directors

Greek dances
He was a dancer in performance groups of various cultural clubs such as Thracian Home of the Prefecture of Serres, Thracian Home of the Prefecture of Drama, "Boreades" of Thessaloniki, Dance Club of Thessaloniki (H.O.T.), Dance Club "Kyklos" of Thessaloniki, "Orfeas" N. Skopou of Serres , Cretan Brotherhood of Serres "To Arkadi", Association of Vlachs of Serres "Giorgakis Olympios", Association of Sarakatsanaians of Serres "O Katsantonis", Asia Minor Brotherhood of Serres "Agios Polykarpos", Papraia Association of Sidirikastro, Dance Group of Serres Vangelis Tsaganou with trips to America, Mexico, Italy, France, Hungary, Spain, India, Germany, Portugal, Turkey, Cyprus, Egypt, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland and many festivals in the country from 2003 until today.

Dance teacher in the dance groups of the clubs:

• Thracian Hearth of Serres
• "Aristotle" Cultural Association of Valteros Serres
• Folkloric and Philanthropic Women's Association of Nea Zichni
• Cultural Association of Gazours of Serres
• Cultural Association "Estia" Koimisis Serres
• Paleokomi Women's Cultural Association
• Cultural Association of Gold Fields of Serres
• Educational Folklore Club of Serres Vamvakophytou
• Alistratis Cultural Association of Serres
• Cultural Association of Nea Petra Serres
• Cultural Association of Tholos Serres
• Asia Minor Association of Sidirokastro
• Thraco-Miracasia Association of Prosotsani Drama (2008-2010)
• Mountaineering and Cultural Association of M. Soulios of Serres (2011-2014)
Cultural Association of Kerdyllia Serres (2011-2022)
• Women's Association of N. Souli (2009 -2023)
• Ofryni Kavala Women's Cultural Association (2011-2023)
• "Orfeas" Association of Skopou Prefecture of Serres (2011-2016)
• Cultural Association of Dasochori Serres (2011-2013)
• "Georgakis Olympios" Association of Vlacho, Serres Prefecture (2011-2018)
• Cultural Association of Emm. Pappa Serres (2012-2020)
Cultural Association of Horteros Serres "Megas Alexandros" (2011-2016)
• Skotoussa Cultural Association (2012-2013)
• Cultural Society of Agia Eleni Serres (2014-2019)
• Association of Pontia Asprovalta "Panagia Sumela" (2014-2016)
• Xiropotamou Youth Association of Thessaloniki (2015-2018)
• Association of Vlachs of Heraklion Serres (2015-2023)
• Cultural Association of Karperi Serres (2014-2022)
• Association of Ano Mitrousi Serres "Captain Mitrousis" (2015-2018)
• Cultural Association of Ano Kamila Serres "I Babbo" (2017-2020)
• Cultural Association of Dimitris of Serres (2017-2019)
• Thracian Center of Drama (2017-2022)
• Cultural Association of Platanotopou of Kavala (2018-2021)
• Serres Police Club Dance Team (2018-2022)
• Dance Club of Sintiki CHOR.OS (2018-2020)
• Cretan Brotherhood of Serres "The Arkadi" (2019-2023)
• Cultural Association of Orphani Kavala (2019-2022)
• Cultural Association of Chambers of Kavala (2018-2021)
• Cultural Association of Galipsos Kavala (2022-2023)
• Cultural Association of Mountain Serres (2022)
• Cultural Association of Kariani (2021-2022)

From 2008 until today

• Musician of traditional wind instruments mainly Clarino, Bagpipe, Cavali with participations in music festivals in Greece and abroad from 2004 until today.
• In 2008, he creates the Thracian traditional music group "Idones", which is still active today.
• Has a private music studio.
• Wind musician in the music group "The Stendor Band".

• Graduated from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki T.E.F.A.A. Serres with a specialty in Greek Traditional Dance
• Graduated from the Athens Opera Conservatory in the Department of Music Technology
• Postgraduate studies at the International University of Greece, Thessaloniki on the subject of school administration
• Postgraduate student Ionian University in the Department of History of Corfu on "Methodology of study and publication of historical sources"
• Organizer of the 11th Skotoussis Traditional Dance Seminar 2012
• Member of the organizing team at the 1st Serres Popular Culture Symposium
• Researcher in the research group of the University of Athens on refugees in the region of Halkidiki in 2010.
• Speaker at the conference of the Union of Gymnasts of Northern Greece in 2009 and 2010
• Instructor of Greek traditional dances in 2014 at the "Bolshoi" ballet seminars of Ag. Petersburg, Russia.
• Lecturer at the Mary Markaki Greek Dances seminar in Chania in 2015 on the topic "Dances of the Sarakatsanas"
• Organizer of the 1st Seminar of Thracian Traditional Dances in Drama in 2015 and lecturer of the section "Dances of the Gold Farmers of Serres"
• Lecturer at the Dance and Folklore Seminar 2017 in Kozani on the topic "Dances of the Vlachs of Eastern Macedonia
• Presenter at the 2018 Three-Day Serres Carnival at the dances of the Vamvakophytos Serres.
• Lecturer at the Dance and Folklore Seminar 2018 in Kozani on the topic "Dances of the Dormition of Serres"
• Lecturer at the Dance Seminar "Almopes" Aridaia 2018 with the theme "Dances of the Dormition of Serres"
• Lecturer at the Dance and Folklore Seminar Naoussa 2019 on the subject of dances of the Cotton Plant of Serres
• Lecturer at the traditional dances seminar 2019 of the club "I Mera" of Kardia Ptolamaida, on the topic "dances from Kosti"
• Lecturer at the Greek dance seminar of the Greek Folklore Society of Stockholm in Sweden on "Dances of N. Serron"
• Lecturer at the Dance Seminar "Almopes" Aridaia 2021 on the subject of dances of the Cotton Plant of Serres
• Lecturer at the Traditional Dance Seminar, Drama 2021 on the subject of dances of the Serres Gold Farmers
• Lecturer at the Dance and Folklore Seminar 2022 Plastira Lake on the subject of dances of the Serre Cotton Plant

Ilias Omeriadis
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